B.A.B Workshops Helped Students to be More Prepared for Interviews


What did our students think of the workshops?


“Within the analytics space, Ian is a thoughtful and visionary mentor. With deep knowledge across the end-to-end analytics value chain, Ian brings a unique and pragmatic perspective to the application of analytics. Having witnessed first-hand Ian’s teaching approach, I recommend attending his workshop to both gain broad exposure and develop deep expertise in analytics.”

- Allen L., Ex-Deloitte, Offers from Top Firms (McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte),  BSc in Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

“Ian led us through an entire business analytics delivery cycle, from problem definition all the way through to presenting the outcomes and recommendations from the model we built. Unlike other analytics courses I have seen, this end-to-end approach gives a rich picture of what an analytics project looks like and how to deliver them.”   

– Michael F., MSc in Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto

"Ian is an incredibly knowledgeable guide in the path to learning to code in python, for both general use and in business analytics. Ian does a great job taking the entire class from first principles to coding in-depth machine learning modules."

- Peter S., PhD in Biophysics, University of Toronto

"As a business student, I’ve heard a lot about the importance of leveraging data to drive business decisions and strategy – but my understanding of analytics was always at a surface-level. The Influence with Business Analytics workshop was very helpful in demonstrating the end-to-end process of how one can integrate business acumen and analytics solutions to generate meaningful and actionable insights. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking to supplement their skill-set with practical Analytics and Machine Learning techniques!"

- Bryan C., Undergraduate at Schulich School of Business

"While I have a bit of experience using STATA 2.0 for programming, I never felt comfortable to get beyond the basics. Ian did a great job of distilling the dense world of data analytics and machine learning in a form even those without any prior analytics experience could understand. The course provides a very practical glimpse into data analytics - digging into the way it emerges in the real world. I appreciated the mesh of business and analytics and personable class structure! Highly recommend!"

Nilum P., Research Fellow at NATO Association of Canada

"The workshop was extremely useful and teaches you how to solve an analytics case from end to end.  At the end of the workshop, you have much more appreciation for big data analytics and feeling way less intimidated than you were going into the workshop. Ian is very passionate about teaching and mentorship. It really comes through in these workshops. Ian is an excellent educator, definitely check out his workshops!"

Gayaanan J., Ph.D candidate in Biology and Genetic, CO-Founder of Sustainable Steps Foundation (a non-profit that runs rural development project in Nepal)

“The best part of the workshop is that we get to learn the theoretical analytics concepts through very interactive group exercises. This way everyone can learn better and gets to know each other. Definitely recommend!”

– Jiaguo L., Schulich MBA, professional teacher with 6 years of experience

"This is a great course to build your foundation in breaking down cases and understand how AI models could be utilized for solving them. I also strongly recommend taking the python programming class to grasp a stronger understanding in the technical side."

- Mohammad T., experienced analytics professional in banking

“Ian went through the basics as well as how to apply analytics in real projects. I learned a lot more in one day from Ian than I did from self learning. I can leverage these new skills in my workplace.”

 – Zayd H., seasoned professional in finance and public sector

"The Influence with Business Analytics class is super helpful. The class help to form two must-have skills: the ability to breakdown problems logically using strategy  frameworks, and the ability to do advanced analysis using machine learning. Definitely attend this class if you have strong will to become the new breed of business analyst!"

Jimmy W., Master of Business Analytics, ex-PwC, University of Western Ontario (Ivey)

"The hands-on case practice made it easier to understand basics behind business analysis and provided a good example of how machine learning could be used in consulting. I would recommend this workshop to fellow students interested in the field."

- Qianzhu W., Ph.D candidate in Biology, University of Toronto

"This was the most hands on class I've taken. In one day Ian took us through breaking down a traditional business problem that's rooted in analytics and building a prototype to support a proposed solution. He walked through each of the steps patiently and took the time to answer any question. Thanks Ian!"

- Chinmaya M., seasoned Product Manager in Telco

What did our students think of the Mock Interview and Resume Sessions?


“Ian had helped tremendously in helping me craft my fit story, which is the least talked about portion in interview prep! He has a unique way to discuss strength and weaknesses that is tailored towards your own experience rather than the generic story. Highly recommend.” 

– Wenjun X., Accepted Offer from Bain & Company, Ph.D in Genetics

"I found this mock interview and resume session to be very helpful. Ian helped to rehearse and re-phrase my answers, which became differentiable and great. I was able to get a second round interview for a Market Risk Analytics position at a major Canadian bank thanks to Ian's help."

Sameer S., experienced analytics professional

"Ian spent a lot of time doing mock interview questions and prepared me on questions that come up often in interview/networking sessions. He identified ways to personalize my answers to these questions that will help me stand out and to avoid giving typical (boring) answers. During the entire session, I never felt rushed or uncomfortable and he took the time to really analyze my answers and give very constructive feedback."

- Gayaanan J., Ph.D candidate in Biology and Genetic, CO-Founder of Sustainable Steps Foundation (a non-profit that runs rural development project in Nepal)

"Ian was very professional before, during, and after the clinic. His description of the interview process, synthesis of my resume and behavioural interview, and feedback on my strengths and weaknesses provided actionable insights that correlated well with comments I have received over the years from current and former consultants. Above all, I appreciated his honesty, which is a core value I carry with me through any interaction. Together, this helped provide strong validation for my next steps that I will take."

Ian John P., M.D., Bio-Engineering, York University / University of Toronto

“Ian was very good at finding the unique shining point for each individual and help craft a personalized story.”

– Juejing L., MSc in Clinical Pharmacology

“Ian’s knowledge as interviewer was very valuable in helping to draft my story and provide specific guidance."

– Mohamed A., Ph.D in Info System with 15 years of global experience

“Great feedback! Gave me extra confidence for the interviews!

 Ondrej H., Ph.D candidate in Biochemistry