Influence with Machine Learning (ML)

Do you want to develop influence as a Data Scientist?

This guide teaches the business, technical, and communication skills that are not taught anywhere else.

This guide is based on workshops I taught at the University of Toronto since 2017 and refined based on feedback from graduates who are working at top tier firms (e.g. Deloitte, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft, IBM, Google, etc.)

Who is this for?

  • Aspiring Data Scientists who want to gain an edge in recruiting and work in consulting or business facing roles

  • Professional Data Scientists who want to understand business concepts and communicate better

  • Data Science Managers and ML Product Managers who need to craft convincing messages to get more buy-in and help their teams to design and prioritize.

  • If you are an engineer who want to learn how to deploy better full-stack ML systems, you may want to stay tuned for my new project called Micro ML Practicum (MMLP), subscribe to my newsletter. More details are coming!

Table of Content

  • Part 1: Solving Complex Business Problems

    • Introduction to the business case

    • Hypothesis driven problem-solving techniques

    • Exercises

  • Part 2: Create the Day-1 Storyboard & Analysis

    • Presentation design techniques used by top tier management consulting firms

    • SQCA Framework to craft powerful narratives

    • Case Studies of good visual design

    • Visual Design Templates

    • Exercises

  • Part 3: Develop a ML solution

    • Overview of ML techniques and archetypes

    • Develop an end-to-end ML pipeline

    • Build and benchmark 6 ML models

    • Synthesize the insights and visualize

    • Exercises

  • Part 4: Bring it Together

    • Understanding the insights

    • Crafting the messages and presentations

    • Exercises

What does this Guide cover?

Sample Materials

  • Gain executive level views of business problems and understand how they think

  • Be more efficient at framing problems and exploring solutions

  • Understand how modern ML techniques work and how they can be helpful in driving key business decisions

  • Be able to apply to your own work immediately with Python code recipes

  • Be able to draft more impactful presentations with design templates

What can you achieve after?

Life-time access to Influence with ML package. The package will include:

  • a PDF of the Influence with ML guide (55 pages)

  • Python codes of an end-to-end ML solution, which saves you 10+ of research

  • Cheat sheets for creating effective visual communication (5 pages, PowerPoint version for your own use)

What will you get today?

Why should you get this Guide now?

  • I am producing a video version soon and the price will be adjusted (you save more than 40% today)

  • You will receive the video version once it is completed for free

  • You will receive early invitation and discount to Micro ML Practicum (MMLP), a special case-based curriculum that focuses on building full-stack ML solutions and allow you to create top-tier portfolios.

If you purchase the guide, you will receive: 

  • a confirmation email with a recipe

  • an email with a download link that’s valid for 24 hours

  • a follow-up email in 2 weeks that asks for your feedback

What happens after you purchase the Guide?

About the Author


Hello, I am Ian Xiao.

I was fortunate to work in the fast growing intersection of business strategy and analytics. I started B.A.B to share my learning and channel my passion for education.

Work Experience:

  • Worked at a top-tier management consulting firm and the most recognized AI start-up.

  • Offers from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), an Alibaba-backed tech firm as a Product Manager, and top Wall Street Hedge Fund called Citadel.

  • Experienced in a broad range of topics from corporate strategy, operation, to change management, etc.

  • Led and delivered 15+ Data Science engagements in Marketing, Operation, and Risk Management

  • Received the Best Analytics Award by Deloitte

  • Managed and mentored new consultants from all key schools on projects and as informal career coach

Recruiting Experience:

  • Interviewed business analysts and analytics specialists (undergrad, post-MBA, and experienced level)

  • Ran recruiting events across key schools for 2.5 years and resume screening for 3 cycles

" Ian has first-hand experience in delivering end-to-end business analytics engagement. Ian is seen as a go-to person for analytics by his peers and a trusted partner by clients. He was a core members of Deloitte’s most advanced Big Data analytics engagements globally. " - Ian Scott, Harvard Ph.D, Chief Data Scientist, Partner, Deloitte


More details on LinkedIn and read my blog on Medium.

Reviews of the Workshop

“Within the analytics space, Ian is a thoughtful and visionary mentor. With deep knowledge across the end-to-end analytics value chain, Ian brings a unique and pragmatic perspective to the application of analytics. Having witnessed first-hand Ian’s teaching approach, I recommend attending his workshop to both gain broad exposure and develop deep expertise in analytics.”

Allen L., Ex-Deloitte, Offers from Top Firms (McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte),  BSc in Industrial Engineering

"As a business student, I’ve heard a lot about the importance of leveraging data to drive business decisions and strategy – but my understanding of analytics was always at a surface-level. The Influence with Business Analytics workshop was very helpful in demonstrating the end-to-end process of how one can integrate business acumen and analytics solutions to generate meaningful and actionable insights. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking to supplement their skill-set with practical Analytics and Machine Learning techniques!"

- Bryan C., Undergraduate at Schulich School of Business

"While I have a bit of experience using STATA 2.0 for programming, I never felt comfortable to get beyond the basics. Ian did a great job of distilling the dense world of data analytics and machine learning in a form even those without any prior analytics experience could understand. The course provides a very practical glimpse into data analytics - digging into the way it emerges in the real world. I appreciated the mesh of business and analytics and personable class structure! Highly recommend!"

Nilum P., Research Fellow at NATO Association of Canada

'Influence with Business Analytics' took me, end to end, through a true to life business problem that benefitted from a predictive model solution derived from machine learning. Not only did I learn the technical aspects of what was needed to develop this model, but the course taught me how to structure my thoughts while framing the problem, and how to present salient and attractive information to a client once I reached a solution. This one-day course really is the whole package."

- Michael F., Master of Engineering, University of Toronto

"The workshop was extremely useful and teaches you how to solve an analytics case from end to end.  At the end of the workshop, you have much more appreciation for big data analytics and feeling way less intimidated than you were going into the workshop. Ian is very passionate about teaching and mentorship. It really comes through in these workshops. Ian is an excellent educator, definitely check out his workshops!"

Gayaanan J., Ph.D candidate in Biology and Genetic, CO-Founder of Sustainable Steps Foundation (a non-profit that runs rural development project in Nepal)

"The Influence with Business Analytics class is super helpful. The class help to form two must-have skills: the ability to breakdown problems logically using strategy  frameworks, and the ability to do advanced analysis using machine learning. Definitely attend this class if you have strong will to become the new breed of business analyst!"

Jimmy W., Master of Business Analytics, ex-PwC

"This is a great course to build your foundation in breaking down cases and understand how AI models could be utilized for solving them. I also strongly recommend taking the python programming class to grasp a stronger understanding in the technical side."

- Mohammad T., experienced analytics professional in banking

More Reviews Here

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Yes. This is a conscious decision based on industry trends. Python will be the standard for machine learning.


This PDF has more updated material than the ones in the workshop. However, this is delivered via text, instead by me in person (video is coming shortly).


Each slide will be fully annotated with detailed notes, just as how I would explain in the class.


Yes. You will have my contact in the follow-up email after you place the order. I monitor and respond to emails daily and personally. Please send me concrete and specific question, one at the time (“how can I have a successful career in Data Science?” is not specific). This way I can have thoughtful and timely response.


Yes. I live in Toronto, Canada. So most workshops will be in the city. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notification. I am open to travel if your company or school want to sponsor a workshop. Shoot me a note.

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