Mock Interview & Resume Clinic

This includes a 45-minute mock interview Skype session followed by 2 resume revision through emails.

We help you to personalize and rehearse interview answers to showcase your strength and differentiate from others.

Who is this for?

  • students who are targeting entry positions in consulting or analytics positions in banks and tech
  • students who need more practice on fit questions in additional case or technical interviews

  • having a solid resume is the minimum requirement in today's competitive consulting and analytics job market
  • articulate your personalized story for the most common and crucial, but the least discussed, fit questions
  • passing case or technical interviews is a must, but leaving the right impression through fit question is equally important 

Why should you consider this?

What do you walk away with?

  • personalized interview answers based on your strength and a practical framework to articulate answers
  • a revised resume and LinkedIn tailored to your strength, personal goals, and target postings
  • a 12-page resume guide including resume editing tips
  • a clean resume template that past students used to get interviews at top companies (i.e. Deloitte, McKinsey, BCG, Amazon, Microsoft, P&G, etc.)

How does this work?

  • student to provide their existing resume and target job posting prior to the session
  • 45-min Skype session to provide mock interview practice and tailored feedback
  • 2 rounds of detailed commentary about resume structure and content over email exchanges (if needed)

  • specific feedback from ex-recruiting lead responsible for resume screening and interviews
  • first-hand experience in helping clients to build analytics teams, so we know what skills to highlight
  • helped 90+ students and professionals in editing their resumes in our past career

How do we make this experience unique?

You will receive an email including the following:

  • a link to select and confirm a Skype call schedule (usually within next 3-5 days)
  • a link to download a 12-page resume guide to get started
  • instructions to share your current resume and sample of job postings

What happens after you book this workshop?

Student Review

"I found this mock interview and resume session to be very helpful. Ian helped to rehearse and re-phrase my answers, which became differentiable and great. I was able to get a second round interview for a Market Risk Analytics position at a major Canadian bank thanks to Ian's help."

Sameer S., experienced analytics professional

“Ian had helped tremendously in helping me craft my fit story, which is the least talked about portion in interview prep! He has a unique way to discuss strength and weaknesses that is tailored towards your own experience rather than the generic story. Highly recommend.” 

– Wenjun X., Ph.D candidate in Genetics

"Ian spent a lot of time doing mock interview questions and prepared me on questions that come up often in interview/networking sessions. He identified ways to personalize my answers to these questions that will help me stand out and to avoid giving typical (boring) answers. During the entire session, I never felt rushed or uncomfortable and he took the time to really analyze my answers and give very constructive feedback."

- Gayaanan J., Ph.D candidate in Biology and Genetic, CO-Founder of Sustainable Steps Foundation (a non-profit that runs rural development project in Nepal)

"Ian was very professional before, during, and after the clinic. His description of the interview process, synthesis of my resume and behavioural interview, and feedback on my strengths and weaknesses provided actionable insights that correlated well with comments I have received over the years from current and former consultants. Above all, I appreciated his honesty, which is a core value I carry with me through any interaction. Together, this helped provide strong validation for my next steps that I will take."

Ian John P., M.D., Bio-Engineering, York University / University of Toronto

“Ian’s knowledge as interviewer was very valuable in helping to draft my story and provide specific guidance. His help with my resume got me 2 interviews."

– Mohamed A., Ph.D in Info System with 15 years of global experience

“Ian was very good at finding the unique shining point for each individual and help craft a personalized story.”

– Juejing L., MSc in Clinical Pharmacology

“Great feedback! Gave me extra confidence for the interviews!

 Ondrej H., Ph.D candidate in Biochemistry

* We offer group rate and tailored curriculum to academic programs and student organizations. Please see here for details.