You will receive the following:

  • Confirmation and participant agreement
  • Invitation to private Slack group for all communication
  • Instruction to set up tools required for the simulation
  • A kick-off package that includes all necessary content on Day 1 of the simulation

What will happen once you sign-up?

You will receive a series of emails from a "Project Manager" that highlight the following:

  • Explanation of problem situation, your role, and expected deliverable(s)
  • Details on deliverables and timeline
  • Guidance on extended material that will be helpful

You may receive "client response" depends on the arrangement with Sponsors.

The guidance is carefully crafted to mimic real project situation, but without adding unnecessary complexity. The right level of information should be provided and you are expected to think, explore, and learn all necessary skill sets to complete the tasks. 

What kind of guidance will you receive?

You can use the private slack channel to ask questions throughout the simulation. However, only questions within certain criteria will be addressed to ensure fairness and learning objectives.

We will answer questions such as:

  • Clarification on objectives, deliverable, and timeline if not provided during Q&A
  • Workaround of any dataset issues (if discovered)
  • Logistics issues

We generally will not answer "how-to" questions beyond what is in the simulation instructions. This is an opportunity for you explore and learn how to use all resources available online to achieve a goal (very typical in real life cases). You do not need very complicated solutions to finish the simulation.

What if you need extra help and guidance?

You may be asked to submit the following given a business challenge and objective:

  • Executive Level Business Case
  • Detailed Explanation of Insight from Exploration or Analysis
  • Technical  assets, such as scripts and Excels
  • 5-min video recorded or live virual presentation (if required by Sponsors)

What are some typical deliverables?

Each simulation will have different criteria depending on the focus on the Sponsor. Details will be provided as part of the kick-off package.

However, you can expect three main criteria:

  1. Clarity of the business case
  2. Design of your presentation
  3. Performance of your models

Some criteria are subjective, just like real life situations, but we will provide enough context to set constraints.

How do we determine winners?