Python Programming & Analytics Zero to One

This is a 8-hour workshop that covers the basics of Python programming and analytics with real case studies.

Our goal is to help you become comfortable using Python in your next analytics project.


30% Team Activities, 70% Coding.


Who is this for?

  • business professionals who want to know more about technical analytics
  • technical professionals who want to know more about how to apply analytics to business
  • students / professionals with interest in business analyst / developer roles in consulting, banks, or high tech firms
  • people who want more than online tutorials or technical books

  • be competitive in today's job market by knowing how to code based on a report from Forbe's
  • apply your learning on most business analytics roles immediately

Why should you consider this?

  • 50 ready-to-use python machine learning code that will save you at least 130 hours of online research
  • a B.A.B cheatsheet that includes key techniques for effective visual communication
  • 1 portfolio-ready work that you feel proud to show potential interviewers or your boss
  • enough technical knowledge to start your next analytics project
  • personalized career guidance and learning plan

What will you get?

How will the day look like?

This course is not just another analytics programming class. We focus on providing context and industry examples to help students to understand the "why" behind analytics. We will go through the following in a 8-hour workshop:

  1. overview of different type of analytics use cases based on real industry examples
  2. introduction to python programming (i.e. from "hello-world" to creating functions)
  3. holistic overview of data processing, predictive modelling, and visualization with best practices tips
  4. hands-on exercises using easy to understand python templates & step-by-step guidance
  5. create presentation-ready content for your online portfolio
  6. open Q&A regarding career and learning plans

All coding exercises are designed for students without or just basic technical experience. 

  • case based approach to solve interesting and real business problems
  • small class with interactive and intuitive group exercises
  • always in-person to allow real-time conversation and inspiration
  • no technical jargon (unless you need some smart words), just plain language that normal people understand

How do we make this experience unique?

If you purchase one of our public sessions, we will send you: 

  • a confirmation email with logistical details
  • a link to download instruction, material, and data to prepare for the workshop 
  • a link to download working code and presentation templates after the workshop

If you are joining the workshop as part of a academic program or student group, we will work with the organizer to share all information and instruction appropriately.

What happens after you book this workshop?

Sample Course Material

Student Reviews


“Ian led us through an entire business analytics delivery cycle, from problem definition all the way through to presenting the outcomes and recommendations from the model we built. Unlike other analytics courses I have seen, this end-to-end approach gives a rich picture of what an analytics project looks like and how to deliver them.”   

– Michael F., MSc in Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto

"Ian covers all aspects of the responsibilities and role of the modern Business Analytics professional. Starting with a review of how to code, I was amazed at how quickly we were able to moved from defining a business objective to building a predictive model using machine learning. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn more about analytics and its relation to solving business problems."

- Miles M., Ph.D candidate in Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto

"Ian is an incredibly knowledgeable guide in the path to learning to code in python, for both general use and in business analytics. Ian does a great job taking the entire class from first principles to coding in-depth machine learning modules."

- Peter S., PhD candidate in Biophysics, University of Toronto

“The best part of the workshop is that we get to learn the theoretical analytics concepts through very interactive group exercises. This way everyone can learn better and gets to know each other. Definitely recommend!”

– Jiaguo L., Schulich MBA, professional teacher with 6 years of experience

“Ian went through the basics as well as how to apply analytics in real projects. I learned a lot more in one day from Ian than I did from self learning. I can leverage these new skills in my workplace.”

 – Zayd H., seasoned professional in finance and public sector

"This was the most hands on class I've taken. In one day Ian took us through breaking down a traditional business problem that's rooted in analytics and building a prototype to support a proposed solution. He walked through each of the steps patiently and took the time to answer any question. Thanks Ian!"

- Chinmaya M., seasoned Product Manager in Telco

* We offer group rate and tailored curriculum to academic programs and student organizations. Please see here for details.