Influence with Business Analytics

This is a 8-hour guided simulation of using analytics to shape business strategies and tell stories to influence decisions.

Our goal is to help students to gain an edge in interviews and ready to impress on Day 1.


70% Team Activities, 30% Coding.

Who is this for?

  • students with interests in consulting and general business analytics
  • students with basic understanding of business frameworks and python programming skills (not required)
  • professionals who want to explore consulting or analytics career

Be in demand! Show interviewers that you can go beyond the basic case interview, which arguably is a commodity skills today.

"You will be a formidable strategy consultant (or business professional) if you can grasp traditional corporate strategy and handle the technicality of analytics ... When we hire people today, we look for people who can code, not just in Excel, but in machine learning and databases to enhance our strategy study." - Michael Boricki, ex-BCG Partner

You can also apply the learning immediately on:

  • day-to-day work of any consulting or analytics positions
  • actual brainstorming, solutioning, or client / external presentation tasks
  • your personal project related to consulting, analytics, and tech

Why should you consider this?

  • 50 ready-to-use python machine learning code that will save you at least 130 hours of online research
  • a B.A.B cheat sheet that includes detailed approach to and techniques for effective visual communication
  • 1 portfolio-ready material that you feel proud to show potential interviewers or your boss
  • practical brainstorming, facilitation, and design techniques you can use in interviews or at work
  • personalized career guidance and learning plan

What will you get?

How will the day look like?

This class aims to provide a project simulation to equip students with core business and technical analytics skills. We will go through the following in a 8-hour workshop:

  1. Real Industry Case Study: what Business Analytics is and its trends
  2. Business Thinking: how to break down problems logically, identify solutions efficiently, and create effective visualization
  3. Technical Analytics: how to discover insights faster and better using machine learning using Python and Excel
  4. Connect the Dots: how to present technical insights in intuitive business terms
  5. Career Q&A: general recruiting or career discussion

All coding exercises are designed for students without or just basic technical background.

  • Case based approach to solve an interesting business problem
  • Project simulation that covers the end-to-end process of problem solving, machine learning, and presentation
  • In-person session with experienced consultants, who led and delivered 10+ business analytics engagements
  • Small class for better interaction and greater attention, which online courses cannot provide
  • No technical jargon (or per request if you need smart words), just plain language that normal people can understand

How do we make this experience unique?

If you purchase one of our public sessions, we will send you: 

  • a confirmation email with logistical details
  • a link to download instruction, material, and data to prepare for the workshop 
  • a link to download python machine learning code and presentation templates after the workshop

If you are joining the workshop as part of a academic program or student group, we will work with the organizer to share information about logistics.

What happens after you book this workshop?

Sample Course Material

Student Reviews

"As a business student, I’ve heard a lot about the importance of leveraging data to drive business decisions and strategy – but my understanding of analytics was always at a surface-level. The Influence with Business Analytics workshop was very helpful in demonstrating the end-to-end process of how one can integrate business acumen and analytics solutions to generate meaningful and actionable insights. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking to supplement their skill-set with practical Analytics and Machine Learning techniques!"

- Bryan C., Undergraduate at Schulich School of Business

"While I have a bit of experience using STATA 2.0 for programming, I never felt comfortable to get beyond the basics. Ian did a great job of distilling the dense world of data analytics and machine learning in a form even those without any prior analytics experience could understand. The course provides a very practical glimpse into data analytics - digging into the way it emerges in the real world. I appreciated the mesh of business and analytics and personable class structure! Highly recommend!"

Nilum P., Research Fellow at NATO Association of Canada

'Influence with Business Analytics' took me, end to end, through a true to life business problem that benefitted from a predictive model solution derived from machine learning. Not only did I learn the technical aspects of what was needed to develop this model, but the course taught me how to structure my thoughts while framing the problem, and how to present salient and attractive information to a client once I reached a solution. This one-day course really is the whole package."

- Michael F., Master of Engineering, University of Toronto

"The workshop was extremely useful and teaches you how to solve an analytics case from end to end.  At the end of the workshop, you have much more appreciation for big data analytics and feeling way less intimidated than you were going into the workshop. Ian is very passionate about teaching and mentorship. It really comes through in these workshops. Ian is an excellent educator, definitely check out his workshops!"

Gayaanan J., Ph.D candidate in Biology and Genetic, CO-Founder of Sustainable Steps Foundation (a non-profit that runs rural development project in Nepal)

"The Influence with Business Analytics class is super helpful. The class help to form two must-have skills: the ability to breakdown problems logically using strategy  frameworks, and the ability to do advanced analysis using machine learning. Definitely attend this class if you have strong will to become the new breed of business analyst!"

Jimmy W., Master of Business Analytics, ex-PwC

"This is a great course to build your foundation in breaking down cases and understand how AI models could be utilized for solving them. I also strongly recommend taking the python programming class to grasp a stronger understanding in the technical side."

- Mohammad T., experienced analytics professional in banking

* We offer group rate and tailored curriculum to academic programs and student organizations. Please see here for details.