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SCC members and friends:

Advanced Analytics, mostly also known as Machine Learning, Data Science, or A.I., are impacting almost all industries, including Management Consulting. 

Here are some observations and examples:

  • BCG Gamma, McKinsey Analytics, and Deloitte's Strategic Analytics & Modelling are among the highest growing teams by headcount
  • Advanced Analytics are incorporated into over 20-50% (and growing) of the current engagements at McKinsey and BCG
  • Active acquisition of analytics firms as a signal of long term investment (e.g. McKinsey acquired QuantumBlack, BCG bought stakes in TSG Consulting)
  • ~70% of the most-read publications among top firms in the last year were all Analytics related as an indicator of market traction

Under such shift, skillsets for new management consultants started to change as well: 

"You will be a formidable strategy consultant (or business professional) if you can understand both strategy and handle technical analytics ... when we hire people today, we look for people who can code, not just in Excel, but databases and machine learning to enhance our strategy study." - Michael Boricki, ex-BCG Partner

With this said, we are excited to partner with SCC to help you develop the latest business and technical analytics skillsets. We look forward to be working with you to become more competitive during consulting recruiting or beyond.

Who should consider attending?

  • students who are pursuing management consulting and want to expand their skillsets beyond Excel
  • students aiming to recruit in upcoming cycle in September and January
  • students with interest in business strategy, machine learning, and overall communication

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